The art and power of breaking the silence,

After wining the people choice award in May of 2016 at the Conference For Global Transformation held in San Francisco, with the shoe display, I have been asked to bring the art display to the LA community and share with them my experience at the conference. Saturday before lunch, the leader of the workshop I attended asked me to come up on stage and share. Each time I am asked to share my story, no mater how small or big the crowed, fear swipe through my body. I am afraid I will not say the right things. I would miss on opportunity to say what I want to say. I will screw up all together an opportunity to make a difference, to stop women, girls and children suffering.

I got on the stage, and began to speak. Often, to be authentic with the crowed, I shared that I have first hand experience with human trafficking. Often I hear sigh of breath, sigh of disbelieve, sigh of does this really happen to her? Something I am well used to encounter in the many years of speaking publicly about the issue.

Sunday morning, after parking my car and walking towards the venue, a guy approached me to share his life experience with me. After talking and releasing heavy emotion out of his chest, he opened up to tell me…

“Your share yesterday moved me deeply. When I got home, I reflected on my life and I realized I, like others, buy women for sex. Upon recognizing it, I decided to stopped doing it, and I will not buy women anymore”. I looked at him, and thanked him. I thanked him for ending the suffering and pain of other human being; I thanked him for taking action and responsibility for his part in perpetrating women’s lives. After distance of walk, we made it to the venue building. I gave him a big warm and loving hug of appreciation of being an extraordinary human being.

The experience taught me the important of sharing, of breaking the silence. Have I not done this the man would have continue the cycle of women suffering by buying them, where as now, those women have one less man to rape them physically, emotionally and spiritually.





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