South Carolina sheriff: Man who chained woman killed at least 7

Authorities said Todd Kohlhepp was arrested after Kala Brown was found ‘chained up like a dog’ in a storage container in Woodruff, S.C., on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016.

This news is heart breaking, knowing that a woman can be held under such harsh condition, against her will, for over two months. However, such a condition is not uncommon. In fact, this is something that happens more often than one can imagine, yet, we don’t hear about it.

Women in America are trafficked for sex every thirty seconds. Why is America not shocked about such evidence? Perhaps we, society, feel that it is a norm.  Such norms MUST be stopped.

Our bike ride is committing to do just that, bringing awareness to the hidden truth about the violence, rape, and human sex trafficking that affects millions of Americans.  We are going out with a message that the violence against women is no longer acceptable. It is time that Americans join us in our effort to restore women’s human rights.

For more information about our bike ride, stay tuned. We will bring you all the news and developments as we move along.

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