Current Activities

Biking for Awareness

Breaking the Silence Together Bike Ride is aimed at instilling hope, restoring justice, and providing the essential necessities to human trafficking victims so they are able to take back their power and live a life of freedom and independence.

Speaking Engagements:


January 2018 City Hall of San Diego

January 2018 UCSD No More event

December 2017 UC Irvine

January 2017 City Hall of San Diego

Spoke at the press conference with media and city council at  San Diego City Hall. The shoe display is the soul piece of art that used to to kick off  the month of January as “Human sex Trafficking” awareness campaign.

January 2017  USD (University San Diego)

Presented at the WorldLink ~ Connecting Youth to Global Affairs A program of the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice.

Dec 2016 USD (University California San Diego)

Organizing and producing the event and speaking before the guest.

November 2016 UCI (University California Irvine)

Presenting at Human Sex Trafficking Class.

November 2016 San Diego Unified School District

Speaking, educating school teachers.

November 2016 North County Life Line Vista CA

speaking before high school students teachers and parents (education, awareness, prevention).

August 2016 IVAT

Institute on Violence Abuse and Trauma educating professional in the health field from across the country.

July 2016  Rotary Club La Mesa CA

Share with the club members about human trafficking and our up coming bike ride event.

Jun 2016 Uptown Rotary Club San Diego

Share with the club about human trafficking and up coming bike ride event.

Jun 2016 San Diego Runaway Girl Presenter

Educated law enforcement how to recognizes and deal with victims of human trafficking.

May 2016 Conference For Global Transformation San Francisco CA

Presented shoe display and winner of people choice award. Gave a speech, presented while receiving award.

May 2016 San Diego City Heights-Weingart Branch Library

Presented the shoe display art and shared personal story of being trafficked for sex, to educate the public about the fast growing epidemic human sex trafficking.

February 2016 Miramar Marine Corps air base station

Presenting before Marine Corps and navy SART (sexual assault responding team) from all over San Diego County.

October 2015 IHC (Indian Health Council) domestic violence awareness luncheon

Displayed shoes for the month of October to generate conversation about sexual assault. Keynote speaker. Sharing personal story and what’s next on the road to social change.

September 2015 Miramar marine corps Air base station

Spoke before Enlisted and officers.

July 2015 Chula Vista Human Trafficking Press conference

Displayed art of shoes and was a survivor keynote speaker.

Jun 2015 Sacramento CA Human Trafficking Lobbying day

Invited to display the art of shoe, as well as, talked to several representative official about the impact of human trafficking in our immediate society and the change that must be implemented to restore the lives of victims.

Jun 2015 San Diego LGBT community

Intruded and addressed the problem and impact that human trafficking has on the LGBT community, through, personal, first encounter experience and shoe display.

January 2015 San Diego Rally to End Human Trafficking

Keynote speaker at the rally. Sharing personal story with Media (ABC Channel 10 & CBS channel 8 news)

2008 Sathira Dhammasathan

I was invited by the Buddhist nun, the founder of the Women’s Dhamma Center, in Bangkok Thailand, Maechee Sansanee to speak and educate the students at her College of Buddhism, on the impact and effect that silence around sexual assault has on the lives of victims.

2006-2008 Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

Trained Doctors, students of nursing, teachers, and administrator how to identify and deal with victims of rape

2006 Kfar Izun (Village Harmoney) Israel

trained physiotherapist, therapist, social workers and     administrative personal at the center, equipping them with knowledge on how to deal with sexual assault victims.

2005-2008 Israeli media

spoke more then dozens of times on Israeli national television exposing the sever and rising problem of rape in society.In addition, I was clearing the path of a public case where the ex-president of Israel was facing rape charges, in which he was found guilty and received 7 years in jail.